Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm Out Of Cigarettes Again!

I'm anxiously counting the days until my next adsense check which should be coming next week! In the meantime I am going so crazy!!

I have $5 in my bank account and that would just enough to buy a pack of Kools or buy 3 packs of a cheaper brand. However that $5 is there because of a check I wrote to one of my creditors and they haven't seemed to cash it yet! Now am I thinking of spending that money and risk incurring HUGE banking fees?

The answer is yes. Yes I am thinking about it but no I haven't done anything about it yet! It's almost like that $5 is there to test me!

I did have a good experience with

the law of attraction

a few days ago before the weekend. I was thinking about how great it would be to have some cigarettes while I was working at my computer. I think I actually pictured in my mind me actually being at the computer and smoking a cigarette. Then it hit me that someone had told me that the Rite Aid store sold a brand of little cigars (hey beggers can't be choosers here!) for a dollar and I had a dollar and some change in my bank account that I could actually spend!. So I decided that the risk was worth taking and I went to the Rite to find if they did indeed have such a brand and they did! A different brand of little cigar (that I will post about later) helped saved the day for me! I walked out of that Rite Aid with my $1 little cigars and actually sat down and smoked one of them!

That pack of little cigars lasted me 2 days which I am grateful for but unfortunately I'm back out of cigarettes again and it is driving me crazy!


I have to say that while I waited for the last minute I did indeed spend that $5! I wanted to wait until I got to a close enough time that my adsense check would kick in to cover that $5 but I did spend it on cigarettes.

It turns out that the creditor didn't cash the check until well after my adsense money kicked in!

While I'm glad that I was able to do this I hope that I don't do it again because I don't want to risk those banking fees!

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